Welcome to Water4Water

Why Water4Water?

I was born and raised in an environment where I thought that all the people in the world are living as we do. 

That everybody has a home, enough food and clean water. 

In time, I realized that this isn't the case, that this magnificent fairy tale I am able to live in doesn't exist for everyone. 

Lots of people don’t have a home, are hungry and don’t have clean drinkable water. 

I also realised that the way that I, my family and my friends are living does affect the world. 

I decided that I am going to try to make a positive impact using the power I have. 

That is why, when my school asked me to do a personal project, I developed the concept water4water.

Within my school project ‘Water4Water’, I am selling 200 reusable water bottles to help people that cannot provide clean water for themselves.  

Waves for Water


The non-profit association ‘Waves for Water’ provides clean water solutions through their ongoing W4W programs and their DIY courier program. 

Please check out all their magnificent projects at www.wavesforwater.org

By donating 100% of my school project profit to Waves for Water, we will enable them to filter 20 million gallons or more than 75 million liters of polluted water to clean water.

Converted that is 378.000 liters of fresh clean water per bottle that you buy!

Now it is up to You


Every bottle sold is a step to the main target of getting as much people clean water as possible. 

But this is only possible with your help.

If you have bought one of the 200 reusable bottles: many thanks!

If you want to buy (more) bottles, please e-mail me: thomas@famdrenth.com

Thank You All

You are helping me to make my dream a reality!

Thomas Drenth


Proud student of AIS

Antwerp International School


Antwerp International School, Veltwijcklaan 180, Antwerpen, Antwerpen 2180, Belgium